As luck would have it, we witnessed a stolen vehicle recovery during our launch on the 19th of September 2019. We were all minding our own business and enjoying the festivities when we heard hysterical screaming coming from the parking lot. One of our guests, Ingrid Botha, alerted everyone to the fact that a Selftrack car was busy being stolen.
Thanks to the quick thinking of the staff present at the function, Afrissist (our stolen vehicle recovery agents) were immediately contacted and despatched to recover the vehicle. The video clip which recorded the entire stolen vehicle recovery is shared herewith and is a must-see! It really is a great feeling recovering a stolen vehicle and bringing a criminal to justice.

One of the additional advantages of having a tracking device installed, and subscribing to the monthly services, is the fact that you can enjoy the Stolen Vehicle Recovery Service. Whenever you have a crisis of having your car stolen, experienced, armed and well-trained agents are dispatched to the scene to recover your vehicle. This is also something that you can notify your Insurance Provider of. Most Insurance Companies also provide a discount on insurance premiums where you are subscribed to Stolen Vehicle Recovery.

Happy Tracking!