Your hassle-free financing solution.

  • A trusted loans and asset-based finance provider in collaboration with Selftrack 
  • Combines experience, expertise, and in-depth knowledge of the automotive, Fleet Management and Telematics industries
  • Assists your business by providing flexible financial solutions customized to your Fleet Management and Telematics needs and your related cash flow requirements.
  • Firstly linked to your fleet management and telematic requirements
  • Secondly linked to the asset that requires funding
  • Different perspective to other like-minded businesses in the industry
  • Provides real ‘cradle to grave’ support to customers in the fleet management environment
  • Unique approach as we first analyze your business and then look beyond the traditional Fleet Management and Telematics requirements
  • Offers flexible financial solutions to the Selftrack product and value proposition suite
  • Offers an effective and leading financial solution to assist in the expansion and success of your fleet and ultimately your business.

Selftrack Finance products include: