Take tracking to the next level and enjoy visual control over your fleet.

  • Live Video Camera and GPS tracking have changed the dynamics when it comes to tracking a vehicle.
  • A powerful video streaming and monitoring product
  • Designed for safety and driving analysis through multiple camera video technology.
  • Smart use of GSM and Wi-Fi connection ensures cost-effective communication to allow fleet owners to perform auto-, time-, and event recording. 
  • Provides complete control over driver and vehicle usage
  • Assists with the prevention of theft and reduction of drivers abusing vehicles.

Some of the innovative features includes:

Up to 4 cameras recording continuously whilst the ignition is on until a set time after the ignition is off. Ability to stream camera channels over GPRS cellular connection via the Web User Interface or Mobile APP. Download and view historical trips (enjoy more than 200 hours of video storage on the device’s Solid State Drive).

Auto-answer functionality with a discreet listen-in feature. The unit can receive calls from pre-authorised numbers enabling two-way communication with the driver.

GPS embedded into all recorded video data for complete historic trips, track stops, speed and idling. The user can see what environment the vehicle was in from any specific date and time.

Pre-defined event triggers allow exception reports, which allow for a fleet owner to be notified as soon as the event occurs. Triggers such as driving behaviour, harsh braking, acceleration, accidents, excessive speeding and/or idling, door sensors, route deviation, and geofence alerts are available.

With all of these great features above, you shouldn’t think twice when it comes to your fleet!