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At Selftrack we believe in an alternative perspective and like to start our business thinking with WHY, before we decide on HOW and WHAT to do!  As explained by Simon Sinek, it provides clarity, discipline and consistency. Communication is not about speaking, it is about listening. We believe that this approach defines the core business of our business philosophy, namely, to serve our customers in the best way we possibly can.


To become the leading low cost supplier of high quality tracking and monitoring applications, to improve quality of life and business through self-management.


To use the latest technologies in tracking to deliver innovative, low cost, self-managed tracking and control solutions to a variety of market segments, and to provide reliable Recovery and Emergency Services.


Our values are defined as “beliefs” that are held by each individual as standard that guide how we function.  These values are the basis of our self-evaluation and play a major role in the establishment of goals. Our Corporate Values Profile assesses individual values specific to work context and the following major motivators define our value system:

Our Team

Selftrack would not be what it is without the dedication and support of our amazing team.  Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. Get to know your team below.

Pieter Coetzee “Boss-Man”


Pieter is a family man with a generous heart, a well-versed entrepreneur who has started several successful companies in his lifetime. His interests are business, leadership, reading, sport, aviation and photography. He has many accolades attached to his 7th generation name in three of those areas: sport, business and photography.

Pieter’s vision is to, after having lived a full life one day, to give back to life what he has received and inspire younger generations to live fully, freely! He shares a birthday with Nelson Mandela, is a freelance radio presenter and active karate instructor.

Pieter’s key to success is that in order to be an effective leader, you have to have a clear vision, embrace change, have passion & integrity, be humble, develop your people, be accessible, give credit, be servant and have a higher purpose!

Dave Dantu “The Principal”


Be ready to take a lesson… or two! A tremendous source of wisdom, knowledge and pure source of positive attitude, Dave will excite you about prospects and really go all the way in ensuring a win-win situation for all involved. Easy to talk to and if you want more, catch his radio show and indulge in 70’s rock age music!

Dave gets it done and is an objective and analytical person, a practical person who evaluates everything by results. He likes to finish what he started and does it thoroughly. A very creative person, Dave is often willing to seek out new solutions to problems, is self-motivated and often works at a fast pace to accomplish goals. He likes new challenges and is usually able to make decisions easily, even under pressure. A thoughtful, caring person who likes to be around others, Dave is one who appreciates relationships and enjoys being involved in social functions, but does not usually care to be the center of attention. Dave seeks balance between personal and social time, and enjoys a quiet evening with a few close friends as a good mix of the two. Dave likes to clarify expectations before undertaking new projects and will follow a logical process to gain successful results. His motto: “Do things according to plan.”

Dave has 21 years of experience with the First Rand Group of which 15 were at Senior Executive level inclusive of 8 years on the Wesbank Executive and Board plus a further 8 years with the Standard Bank Group, 4 years of which were at Executive level. He has a full range of business skills inclusive of leadership, strategy development and execution, sales, marketing, financial, risk and IT management. Dave excelled as a business leader, lead negotiator, risk officer, head of due diligence in acquisitions and disposals and ideally equipped to drive Selftrack’s licensing strategy. Justice and Loyalty describes Dave’s values – An iceberg is a good analogy to describe it: whilst personality and behavior are the areas of the iceberg you can see, his values are hidden under the surface informing his decisions and driving his actions.

Sonja Otto “The General”


Like any business who has a major general, Sonja is the dictator in the office, ensuring that all process controls are followed and that all paperwork is completed fully, thereby keeping especially the sales executives on their toes!

Sonja is a cat-lover with a passion for caring and exercises the same dedication to her work. She has matured well through life and has a refreshing sense of humor, adding to the pleasant working environment in the Selftrack office.

Sonja is extremely efficient in keeping Selftrack’s client and supplier accounts in good order and has a very committed attitude towards providing the best service and support possible! She is also responsible for the very good progress towards implementing more efficient financial systems such as the bookkeeping and debit order collection services.

Odelia Le Roux “Still Waters… Run Deep”


Odelia is an intelligent, honest, creative, hard-working and disciplined individual with high standards and morals. She believes in teamwork and leading by example.

She strives towards success and likes being challenged with new problems or experiences. She is eager to learn new things and pushes herself to always give her best. As Customer Care Administrator, she is dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing all of Selftrack’s clients with excellent after sales service.

Some of Odelia’s interests include reading and online gaming, in which she achieved National Colours in the Mulitplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), League of Legends.

Peet Rossouw “The Mechanic”


Just like the film star Jason Stratham in The Mechanic, Peet is our man in getting the job done!

Peet values close, personal relationships and will often put the needs and desires of those who are loyal friends ahead of his own. This is an even-paced individual who thrives in a peaceful, harmonious environment. Peet will work to avoid conflict and deliver his utmost in ensuring the job is performed well.

Peet clarifies expectations before undertaking new projects and works hard to meet standards. Peet will typically maintain a neat and orderly work environment and look after your assets as if it were his own.

Loren Salmon “The Fixer”


Identified as a Precisionist fixing literally everything in the office, including the MD’s complex schedule and forever new ideas, Loren is a beacon of stability, a systematic thinker who follow procedures in both personal and business life in an orderly, predetermined manner, and attentive to detail.

Being extremely conscientious, Loren painstakingly delivers accuracy in work and maintains high standards and desires standard operating procedures with no sudden changes. Loren is a team player, enjoys people, but prefers a few close friends to having many acquaintances.

Being exact is imperative in everything Loren does. She prefers to work through problems and is able to lead, if necessary. A loyal friend, Loren is patient and caring when attending to the needs of others.

Erica Masher “Missy”


Perhaps one of the most sensitive and sweetest people you will ever meet. As a qualified attorney at law, Erica is the Peacemaker, keeping all companies in the group compliant, but the ideal person to lead and manage all human resource tasks.

Erica is kind in nature and is very detail-oriented. She cares about the people around her and likes to look around carefully before making any decisions and weigh how it will affect people.

Erica is very loyal and an excellent person to have on the team. She enjoys stability and exhibits stability in relationships, needing a protected and secure environment that leads to confidence and independence, always concerned about others before herself.

Because this individual cares about how others feel, Erica promotes involvement in the decision-making process and prefers to work in a team role. We see her as agreeable and humble.

Erica is a fact finder and does things “by the book”, underwriting most of the company values!

Our Team

Selftrack would not be what it is without the dedication and support of our amazing team.  Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. Get to know your team below.

Pieter Coetzee


Dave Dantu
“The Principal”


Lucy Mdaka
“Mama Selftrack”


Sonja Otto
“The General”


Michelle Spies


Odelia Le Roux
“Still Waters… Run Deep”


Peet Rossouw


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