GPS Tracking

  • Accredited and endorsed by insurance companies nationwide
  • Monitors your GPS tracking devices in real-time and history
  • Satellite images can be viewed via our Mobile App (Android & IOS) or Web User interface
  • Collects and transfers GPS coordinates to our server
  • Offers Stolen Vehicle Recovery via our 24/7 emergency call center
  • Sign up to a variety of other services such as;
    – Trip Reports and SARS Tax logbooks
    – Speed Alert
    – Movement Alert
    – Geofencing
    – Driving behavior
    – Driver ID Management
    – Immobilization
  • Features and Advantages
    – Smart Tracking Algorithm
    – IP54 certified case
    – 2 Status LED
Selftrack offers a wide range of GPS tracking devices that could be fitted to almost any types of motorised vehicles that has a battery! Although Selftrack is already successfully tracking many types of vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, LDV’s, trucks, tractors, harvesters, yellow equipment, boats, planes, or anything else that is moving around with its own battery, Selftrack has categorized vehicles into the following products:

  1. BIKER – a waterproof and dustproof device that is small and requires minimum power to charge its built-in emergency battery
    Biker Datasheet PDF
  2. MOBii – Selftrack’s entry level Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) and basic fleet management tracking device that gives the client full control over their vehicle or fleet
    Mobii Datasheet PDF
  3. DRIVER – an advanced GPS tracking system with driver identification tag and management to help the client govern all aspects of vehicle and driver use and abuse.
    Driver Datasheet PDF
  4. FLEET – take advantage of Selftrack’s advanced systems to not just optimize fleet use, but to monitor fuel levels and consumption in real-time! Fleet FUEL is also designed to provide farmers and miners with compliant reports for SARS Diesel Rebate Claims.
    Fleet Fuel Datasheet PDF
  5. TRASCON – Selftrack’s own abbreviation for TRAilerS and CONstruction or CONtainer tracking. Our IP67 waterproof tracking device makes it ideal for vehicles working under harsh conditions.
    Trascon Datasheet PDF
  6. ELECTRIC (new) – to monitor the whereabouts or working times of equipment such as forklifts, e-bikes, electric scooters, etc.
    E-Mobi Datasheet PDF
  7. METRACK – A self-installable plug and play tracking device that fits into the OBDII connector of the vehicle.
    MeTrack Datasheet PDF

Getting personal means that with Selftrack, the client is able to monitor staff, colleagues, family and friends. Selftrack’s personal tracking devices has built in batteries that require charging very much like your cell phone would. Pick any or all the following products on offer:

  1. PEDESTRIAN – a small and robust device with a Panic button. Can be carried in your bag or pocket, on a lanyard around your neck, or in a belt clip around your waist
    Pedestrian Datasheet PDF
  2. LONEWORKER – a unique ‘credit card’ size tracking device with two-way communication features. Can be worn on a lanyard around your neck and is the ideal device to monitor and control your COVID-19 regulations by automatically detecting, alerting and recording close proximity of staff or workers
    Lone Worker Datasheet PDF

If you need to keep an eye on a stationary asset for longer periods, or a very valuable asset travelling, use any of the following suitable products

  1. Minii – configured with customised monitoring features, the Minii will track the clients’ asset for a long period of time
    Minii Asset Datasheet PDF
  2. Maxii – offering a very large lithium-ion battery, the maxii can be left unattended for very long periods in order to secure your valuable off-site asset
    Maxii Asset Datasheet PDF

We cater for everyone, from the individual to fleet managers.