Let’s start by what GPS stands for… Global Positioning System.

This allows Selftrack to collect GPS Satellite coordinates and transfer them via a cellular network to the Selftrack server farm. Use the Selftrack platform to monitor the whereabouts of your GPS tracking devices in real-time or history as well as view a satellite image on any Internet-connected web User Interface or Mobile APP (both Android and IOS are supported), be it a vehicle, personal or asset tracking device!

Fully accredited and endorsed by all major insurers, Selftrack offers Stolen Vehicle Recovery to ensure your vehicle can be recovered when there is an emergency, or an automated alert has been triggered at our 24/7 emergency call centre. Sign up to a variety of other services like Reports and SARS Tax logbooks, Speed Alert, Movement Alert, Geofencing, Driving behaviour, Driver ID Management, and Immobilisation.

Boutique Solution

Selftrack, being a technology specialist, can  customize how we configure the units and how they ‘communicate’ with the system, offering our unique ‘Boutique Solution’ for our clients. We source and import only the best quality tracking devices and each device is configured and quality checked individually by hand before it leaves our premises.  Our tracking uses smart tracking algorithms to provide a variety of data in order to monitor devices in real-time.

We cater for everyone, from the individual to fleet managers.