Bespoke Fleet Manager Solution

  • A unique maintenance solution for fleet management
  • The costs of sourcing vehicles, servicing, insuring and repairs are strictly managed, monitored and controlled via the platform
  • Designed to resolve real-time and actual Fleet Management headaches such as;
    – Fuel
    – Services
    – Tires
    – Fines
    – Accidents
  • Monitor the total cost of ownership (TOC) as well as operational cost in cent per kilometer (CPK).
  • This platform is telematics agnostic and can fit into any customers existing business solutions infrastructure.

Our offering to the market is to manage customer fleet requirements in all requirements in all aspects with the following additional solutions on hand to support:

Tired of excessive Excel spreadsheets?
Let us help you plan the implementation of an automated and integrated system to better manage your fleet! Selftrack FLEET offers a package that will fit your pocket (from a self-managed system to an advanced, integrated solution).

Although Selftrack FLEET is agnostic, we recommend using SelfTRACK to seamlessly integrate real-time tracking into the portal thereby taking advantage of the telematics information to better manage your fleet.

Tired of forgetting when to renew which license?
Or worse yet; when a vehicle is due for service?!
Fear not, Selftrack FLEET makes use of auto-reminders to inform you timeously of the renewal of licenses (for both vehicle and driver licenses). Selftrack FLEET also calculates and predicts when a service needs to be booked and performed on a vehicle.

Using the advanced technologies of the Selftrack FLEET system, you are now able to incentivize good driver behavior and identify inadequate driver behavior and activities in order to perform the relevant training required for driver behavior improvement.

Integrate your fleet card into Selftrack FLEET to ensure identification of fuel theft, maximize fuel consumption and monitor economic improvement through very comprehensive Reports.

Avoid costly law enforcement and actively monitor and manage tire life and performance. Make use our strong networks and enjoy VIP discounts at tire manufacturers.

Is it a constant problem for you to verify fines with your drivers? Use Selftrack’s Driver Tracking system in conjunction with Selftrack FLEET and issue compliant fines to relevant drivers.

Selftrack FLEET generates standardized insurance forms to record information and manage incidents and accidents.

Draw regular or automated Reports on e-Toll costs (either directly from the integrated fleet cards or enter it manually to monitor costs).

Selftrack FLEET provides comprehensive reports including;

  • List Type Reports (Vehicles, Drivers, etc)
  • Analytical Reports (Operational costs, Consumption, etc.)
  • Predictive Reports (Services due, Registration or License renewal reminders, etc.)
  • Scheduled Reports (Receive and distribute reports as scheduled)

Why consider Selftrack Fleet?

  • Unrivalled solutions linked to real understanding of selected market niche;

  • Bespoke world class “cradle to grave” customer interface and web-based system;

  • Unlike opposition, no legacy in terms of value proposition and related processes and systems- Selftrack is regarded as the industry’s first real “DISRUPTOR”;

  • Entrepreneurial flair, skill and mindset combined with many years’ experience in the related fleet and financial services industries; and

  • Speed to market satisfying customer requirements.

With all of these great features above, you shouldn’t think twice when it comes to your fleet!