Bespoke Fleet Manager Solution.

Selftrack Fleet is Selftrack’s unique managed fleet maintenance solution that proactively assists business leaders in managing their company-owned fleets. The costs of sourcing vehicles, servicing, insuring and repairs are strictly managed, monitored and controlled through our unique Selftrack Fleet platform.

This Bespoke Fleet Management platform is designed to resolve real-time and actual Fleet Management headaches such as fuel, services, tyres, fines, accidents, etc. in order to monitor the total cost of ownership (TOC) as well as operational cost in cent per kilometre (CPK). This platform is telematics agnostic and can fit into any customers existing business solutions infrastructure.

Selftrack Fleet generally incorporates the following services (among others):

  • Fleet management consulting

  • Vehicle tracking and monitoring. 

  • Vehicle maintenance management

  • Fuel management

  • Tyre management

  • License and Registration management

  • Driver behaviour management

  • Fines management

  • Vehicle route management

  • Vehicle downtime management

  • Insurance and Accident management

  • Roadside Assistance

  • E Toll management

  • Contract management

  • Customer maintenance call centre

Why consider Selftrack Fleet?

  • Unrivalled solutions linked to real understanding of selected market niche;

  • Bespoke world class “cradle to grave” customer interface and web-based system;

  • Unlike opposition, no legacy in terms of value proposition and related processes and systems- Selftrack is regarded as the industry’s first real “DISRUPTOR”;

  • Entrepreneurial flair, skill and mindset combined with many years’ experience in the related fleet and financial services industries; and

  • Speed to market satisfying customer requirements.

Our offering to the market is to manage customer fleet requirements in all aspects with the following additional solutions on hand to support:

The latest in GPS/GSM tracking technology that enables a user to self-manage, self-configure, self-monitor and self-TRACK any vehicle, fleet, person or high value asset, mainly to increase productivity and efficiency, but also to provide peace of mind, improved security and of course stolen vehicle recovery to assist the insurance industry.

The latest in cost-effective mobile data video recording (MDVR) to improve safety, security and productivity by live road-, cab- and load camera streaming via GPRS and Wi-Fi. This platform is telematics agnostic and can fit into your current set up.

The best in Route Management technology designed to make drivers and routes more efficient and cost effective. This platform is telematics agnostic and can be used to manage salespeople, representatives, technicians or deliveries.

An innovative self-help application that enables users to self-manage their day to day emergency support for both personal and commercial uses on emergencies such as roadside assistance, panic response, medical or fire emergencies.

 A trusted loans and asset-based finance provider.

With all of these great features above, you shouldn’t think twice when it comes to your fleet!