“What is happening on 19 September? What is Selftrack up to?” That was the big question on most people’s lips in the tracking industry. After weeks of teasing our family, friends, clients (and of course competitors) on social media, the day finally arrived!

Thursday 19 September 2019 was the birth of a new era: the day we introduced our new Corporate Branding, Corporate Identity and our six Selftrack Solutions to the world. And what a day it was!

The Launch–Team, consisting of staff and subcontractors, arrived at the venue of the launch, Lagom Café and Theatre Bistro, at the crack of dawn. Everybody knew exactly what they had to do and the tasks were ticked off on the checklists – truly a well-oiled machine at work. From putting up banners, parking branded vehicles, setting up the audio and visual, sorting of corporate gifts, decorating the welcome area, and of course, getting dressed in our newly branded clothing – which we had to camouflage with other clothing… (All I can say is hot, hotter, next level hottest!).

The guests arrived and the festivities kicked off with great music, introductions, chatter, networking, and welcome beverages. The formalities commenced with our MC, well known singing drummer Ghapi. He welcomed all and introduced our MD, Pieter Coetzee, who proceeded with dedication and prayer. Dave Dantu was welcomed on stage and he gave a presentation on the six Selftrack Solutions. Whilst all the guests were comfortable inside the venue, the Selftrack staff sneaked off to replace the old Selftrack branding with the new. Whilst all the giggling and tip-toeing was going on outside, Pieter was handed the microphone to discuss the new Corporate ID.

The tension was mounting, it was almost time. Michelle positioned herself in the right place, Ghapi put on his marching drum, and with a loud drumroll and the pull of a cord: Drruudddrrrruuuuuddrruuudddrruuuuuu!!!!!! The curtain fell down and there it was, for all to see, the awesome new Selftrack logos and Corporate Identity! With party whistles blowing and staff gladly ripping of jackets and jerseys, it was finally revealed. Hand in hand with festivities go the handing out of gifts. We had lucky draws, and prizes were also given to a new Facebook follower, a new Instagram follower and the best “I wonder what is going on with Selftrack” video.

In the middle of all the merriment however, disaster struck when one of the newly branded Selftrack vehicles were being stolen. One of our subcontractors saw the perpetrator getting into the car, and she immediately ran for help like a crazy person! High heels, arms flapping, ankles about to sprain, screaming at the top of her lungs: “Stop that car, HELP, phone the police, stop that car!!” … (Thinking back, it was actually hilarious – the running of course, not the crime!). Thank goodness our staff is at their A-Game and they immediately contacted Affrissist, the vehicle recovery agents. A recovery unit was immediately dispatched and minutes later we were all relieved to see the perpetrator being caught on the live, real time footage. With all the adrenaline pumping, it was the perfect time to serve snacks, beverages, handout corporate gifts and shake hands with new clients.

It was a stunning event with the beginning of a new era, new successes, new friends and new relationships. Welcome to a world where we keep tracking what matters most; anything, anytime, anywhere.