Advanced route planning

Use our latest technology to optimise and plan your routes with ease.

The progress of your workforce is available in real-time as they execute the planned routes.

Maximise efficiency and save costs to unlock capacity for your business to grow.

Advanced route planning

  • Select all the clients you would like to service over a specified period.
  • For your convenience, the client locations will be displayed on a map.
  • Filtering and grouping functions allow you to fine tune your service areas visually right off the bat.
  • Configure your optimisation as needed.
  • Capable of handling constraints such as time windows, vehicle capacities as well as custom numeric constraints.
  • Specify the types of vehicles in your fleet and optimise against each of their operational costs.
  • At the touch of a button, the algorithm automates your routing for you

Mobile Workforce App

  • Synchronizes planned routes directly with your drivers via the App.
  • Your drivers can use the app to navigate to their destination(s) and log their activities once they have arrived
  • Routes can be created and assigned to your drivers
  • A notification will automatically be sent to your driver’s smart phone indicating that a new route has been received for the day.

Track Live Fulfilment

  • Tracks your fleet in real-time throughout the day.
  • Every delivery, pickup or service performed by the driver is immediately pushed to the website.
  • This means that you will always have the latest information about vehicle locations and delivery schedules for your clients. 
  • View historical tracks and generate reports based on them.
  • All client visits are recorded and linked to their saved addresses.
  • Allows for rich, informative reports for clients as well as driver behaviour.

Package Comparison

Essential Monthly Advanced Monthly Integration Development
Plan with Ease
Plan Self-Control
Plan Auto-Control
Plan with ETAs
Template Plan with ETAs
Simple Self-Start
Connected Support *
Address Book
Add Own CRM
Integration Development
Mobile Workforce App
Live Jobs Completion
Live Job ETA **
Shareable ETA
Contract Workforce
Brand Self-Control
Own Your Data ***
Engineering Feedback Live API ****

* Essential Monthly connected support requests enter the standard email support queue.
** Job ETA is available as planned and only update with plan changes and manual refresh for Essential Monthly. Advanced monthly ETA’s update automatically through push integration.
*** Essential Monthly Data history is capped at 32 days. Local copies can be saved through manual download only. Advanced Monthly storage history is kept for 12 months extensible upon request. API access to data available for integration development.
**** Custom integration is handled on a case by case basis

Some of the innovative features includes:

All routes and plans are optimised with the click of a button.

All plans are easily adjusted to cater for human knowledge of daily situations. Plans cater for adjustments by operators to serve customers and their specific and changing needs. We have taken care to ensure that new plans don’t interfere with existing operational knowledge.

Choose from a wide range of configurable parameters to enhance the optimised planning. Customer delivery time-windows, job skill requirements, vehicle costs, load limits, driver durations, fleet composition and many more to fit your specific planning needs.

See tomorrows estimated time of arrival, trip durations and trip costs today. Every plan gives a clear indication of distance, costs and times that can be adjusted to fit operational schedules and constraints.

Build a repository of plans, complete with ETA’s. Add existing plans known from experience, or use templates for budgeting optimised costs when planning ahead. Communicate your plans with confidence and know what is possible before over-committing resources. Templates improve over time and are easy to convert into live plans.

Deliveries are imported by .csv or cut and paste from existing order systems. Even before integration projects kick off, staff can become productive with minimal training.

Help and support is available on the operations page and in the mobile app. Simply click on the help icon and request support.

Easily manage points of interest and delivery addresses with light CRM features. From established addresses in urban areas with well-defined addresses to geographic points with latitude and longitude only, you are covered. The Address Book handles both repeating customers and special instruction locations with ease.

The address book is ready for integration with CRM’s and existing solutions.  Simply expose the relevant fields on your CRM and plan routes with your own customer records.

No Corkage: Affordable development is available on contract to all clients. Clients can utilise their in-house development capabilities to set up integrations with ease and save on implementation costs.

All plans are available on the Intelligent Routing App on Android™ for sign on glass, paperless job‑card integration and detailed job reports.

Follow the completion of your plans in real time.

Empower operations with a clear picture of estimated time of arrival. Great plans enable great estimates that improve customer relations.

Operations can share the estimated time of arrival with clients in a unique once-off URL. Self-monitoring by customers means more eyes are on the job and more precise communications.

Communicate jobs, instructions and locations to contracting parties from one easy interface. Follow progress and job completion of contracted jobs just like your own team. True tiering pay for use on licenses.

Choose your own branding and Android Play Store™ presence. Mobile workforce management becomes part of the brand for an affordable once-off development fee. Present your brand at clients and contractors. Share company information on your ETA tracking links.

You always own your data. All plans, reports and detail data are available for your integration needs on a strict “no data lock-in” policy. This ensures that our clients stay in control of their solutions and are free to improve on the best plans.

Artificial intelligence providers and domain experts with deep knowledge of the planned jobs can improve on our solutions because you own your data and are free to build and improve.