Take tracking to the next level and enjoy visual control over your fleet.

Users can share the app with friends and family, making it easy to obtain emergency assistance from family and friends, OR from a professional service provider. Use the application to immediately notify up to ten contacts of an event or emergency situation.

In order to capture evidence of potential criminals you can use Selftrack Emergency to take a picture in such circumstances. With the use of the application you find the nearest hospital or police station in times of crisis. Selftrack Emergency Assist is a stand-alone service which can be used by anyone regardless of their existing tracking, fleet management or live camera monitoring subscription services.

These personal account details can be modified to Selftrack requirements.  An option could be to preload ALL existing Selftrack users, then when you log in to your profile all your information is readily available.

Selftrack Emergency Assist is a Mobile Application to assist you
customers with emergency assistance in respect of:

  • Panic

  • Fire

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Criminal
  • Medical

With all these great features above, you wouldn’t think twice about your safety!